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It's important to not delay in contacting Garage Door 24 Hours Repair as soon as you notice a new issue with how your garage door performs. Even small problems can eventually turn costly if you put off repairs for too long. We also urge you not to attempt the repair on your own, even if the problem does seem minor. You might be surprised to learn that your garage door is actually quite complex. A problem that appears easy to fix may end up being a major issue.

Although we consult industry standards for repair and installation, we actually strive to exceed them. When you have had the same garage door for several years, it will eventually start showing signs of wear even if it doesn't break down. The best way to slow the aging and increase your garage door's longevity is to schedule routine maintenance with Garage Door 24 Hours Repair. We will inspect all working parts of your garage door and complete minor repairs on the spot. This simple and inexpensive plan could actually add years to the life of your garage door.

Garage Door Inspections 

Garage doors contain several moving parts that coordinate with one another to raise and lower the door. When even one of these parts isn't working normally, it has a major impact on the way the garage door functions overall. Because garage door components are complex, it's essential that you contact Garage Door 24 Hours Repair in Savage, MN for inspection and repair rather than try to determine and fix the problem by yourself. Additionally, having your garage door inspected on a regular basis ensures that it is still safe to operate. We inspect all parts of your garage door, such as the cables, tracks, remote, and more. During our inspection, we examine each part carefully to determine if it's likely to need repair soon.

We have had years of training and experience to know precisely how a garage door is supposed to function and the purpose of each of its components. When you arrange routine inspection and maintenance with us, we add lubrication where needed, adjust tension springs, replace worn parts, and several other functions. This has a big effect on the efficiency of the garage door at your home or business.

Damaged Doors

Garage Door 24 Hours Repair Savage, MN 612-927-2188A garage door can sustain damage over time due to normal wear and tear or suddenly from an accident. Despite how your garage door got damaged, you need it fixed as soon as possible. With our 24-hour availability, you can count on Garage Door 24 Hours Repair to be there for you at your time of need. We know that a malfunctioning door is not only inconvenient, it can be a safety issue as well. The last thing you want to hear is that we may be able to get to you sometime next week. Our technicians are experienced enough to fix any type of problem and complete service on nearly any brand of garage door.

Garage Doors That Won't Track

Your garage door has a set of tracks that enable it to raise and lower when you push a button or open it manually. You won't be able to open or close the door normally when it comes off the tracks. A common reason for this is that cables suddenly snap from the wear of everyday use. Extreme heat or cold can also cause this problem. In most cases, cables break on one side or the other while the door is going up.

An object in the path of the garage door tracks is another possible reason that they could come undone. In either case, you need to contact the service professionals at Garage Door 24 Hours Repair to repair the garage door tracks and not attempt to do it yourself. Not only could you cause injury to yourself or others, you may not be able to raise or lower the door if you don't perform the repair correctly. Our team of experts is experienced at finding the problem and resolving it quickly. Since this situation can be serious, we always check all areas surrounding the garage to make sure everything is secure.

In order to operate safely, the weight of your garage door springs and their tension strength must be identical. When there is a large weight variation, the garage door may be unsafe to operate. You can prevent this from happening by scheduling an appointment with Garage Door 24 Hours Repair as soon as you realize there is a problem. Our years of experience working with garage door springs mean that we can correct the problem with skill and precision.